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    Gate Open Kaihou!!!!!!!


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    Gate Open Kaihou!!!!!!! Empty Gate Open Kaihou!!!!!!!

    Post by Shu on Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:34 am

    This is a guide on how to player Battle spirits the guide will be broken down into sections so sit back relax and maybe rest a bit guide will be a bit lengthy.

    BS Freedom

    Battle Spirits (バトルスピリッツ) is a two-player collectible card game developed by Bandai, Sunrise Inc, and Carddass. The card game is part of the Battle Spirits franchise which revolves around several anime series, manga and the merchandise of toys and video games. Battle Spirits is similar to the TCG Duel Masters but is more evolved as it involves a core system which is used as a resource system for your players'

    How To play

    Here are the basic rules of BS ill add a section with the advance rules later. First let me introduce the cards types to you. There are 5 card types

    Spirit: Spirits are summoned mainly to attack the opponent and reduce their life but are also used to protect your own life.

    Spell: (called Magic in the original Japanese release) Players use spells to change the game field enviroment by causing a variety of different effects from providing BP (Battle Point) Boosts to drawing more cards. They can drastically change the pace of the game

    Nexus: The places of the Battle Spirits would that give your spirits special power called nexuses. Players use them to change the field and gain an advantage over the opponent.

    Brave: A fourth type of card introduced about two years into the Japanese game's life. They act like other spirits, but can be Braved onto other Spirits, combining effects and attributes. Kind of like fusion tbhs.

    Burst: They can be spirits or spells which act as trap cards that activates when certain conditions are met. This is the newest type of card i like to call it the troll card.

    Card Colors
    There are 6 card colors in bs which can form a deck u can make a deck based on a color or make it hybrid. Below are the card colors and what they tend to do.

    The Battle Spirits world is set with six colors; Ruby (Red), Emerald (Green), Amethyst (Purple), Diamond (White), Sapphire (Blue), and Topaz (Yellow). Each color stems from a different variety of precious gem.

    Red: Red cards are mainly aggressive and have many effects that are activated when the player is attacking. Red cards also have many destructive effects that change the game situation drastically. One of the typical cards is “Flame Tempest”. It destroys all spirits with 3000BP or less.

    Green: Green cards have comparatively cheap costs and high BP for their costs. They are good at generating cores in which they can give a player an early resource advantage in the game. An example is "Potion Berry". It enables you to add a core to your reserve.

    Purple: Purple cards are good at causing pain to your opponent outside of the battle. Purple is notorious for effects that play with the core layout of their opponent, like removing core from opposing Spirits in an attempt to deplete them. They also have many cards which enables you to draw more. One of the typical cards is “The Shackles of Doom”. It prohibits spirits with only one core on them from attacking or blocking. It stalls the game and gives you enough time to draw a killer card.

    White: White cards are mainly defensive and many have effects that activate when they block. Even when you have less spirits than your opponent does, white spirits will protect your Life with their strong defensive power. One of the typical cards is “Pure Elixir”. It refreshes all of your exhausted spirits. Two more coveted magic cards are "Holy Elixir" and "High Elixir". They increase your life by 1 and 2 in the flash timing.

    Blue: Blue cards are gladiators and other powerful warriors that have trained hard to achieve the next level of power. They mainly have the power to demolish your opponent's deck. The "Stone-statue" is a great example of this type of effect because just by playing him you send the top card of the opponents deck to the trash zone.

    Yellow: Yellow cards may look weak compared to some other spirits when looking at things like cost and BP but have amazing effects that give you a powerful advantage when it comes to magic. Yellow is great at working with other colors to boost the power of their magic and allows you to change the outcome of a game no matter how much stronger the opponent may seem. One of the many ways that yellow helps you is with the card “Trickster” by allowing you to reuse a magic card you've already played.

    Now that we are done with that let me show you how to read a card. The picture below explains how to read a card. Let me make it clear it is different for some cards

    Gate Open Kaihou!!!!!!! Spiritinfo

    The Deck limit in bs is 40 or more basically so at least 40

    With that you now know what the 5 types of cards,card colors how to read a card and how many cards are in a deck now let me show you the playing field

    Gate Open Kaihou!!!!!!! Field

    Now that you know what the field looks like ima show you how you set up.Here is what you do before you start the game

    Game Prep

    Before u start you game you gonna wanna follow these steps first.

    1 Place all your cores into the Core Pool
    2 Shuffle your deck and have your opponent cut it
    3 Place that deck in the deck zone.
    4 Place 5 core in your Life
    5 Place 4 cores in your Reserve
    6 Draw 4 cards from your deck to your hand
    7 Decide who goes first by dice roll or coin toss. (Paper, Scissors, Rock also accepted in some area)

    Thats what you do to prep ur game I shall next explain how you win in BS

    How To win in BS

    Its easy ima show you 2 simple steps

    1. Reducing your opponent's life to 0
    2. 1 player doesn't have any cards left in their deck at their Start Step.

    That easy now lastly i shall show you the game steps and then you will have to wait for the advanced guide

    Game Steps

    Here are the steps or turn order you could call it

    •1:Start Step: Signals the start of your turn.
    •2:Core Step: Take one core and add it to your reserve. WARNING: This step is skipped in the first round.
    •3:Draw Step: Draw one card from your deck.
    •4:Refresh Step: Refresh all spirits and take back cores in your trash (if any).
    •5:Main Step: Summoning, leveling up spirits, using magic, placing nexuses and braving starts here. No summoning, braving or moving core is allowed in other steps (except Flash timing and swift summoning).
    •6:Attack Step:WARNING: This step is skipped in the first round. Attacking starts here. The steps are as follows:
    ••6a: Decide which spirit attacks.
    ••6b: Flash timing:The defender has the right to use magic first.
    ••6c: The opponent decides whether to block or take a life. If taking a life, skip 6e.
    ••6d: Flash timing: Again, the defender can use magic first.
    ••6e: Check BP. Higher BP wins.
    •7: Turn End. Signals the end of your turn.

    Repeat until game ends.

    Thats about it so stay tuned till my next guide

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