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    The Rules of the forum


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    The Rules of the forum Empty The Rules of the forum

    Post by Shu on Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:46 pm

    These are rules of the forum by which, all must abide. The rules apply to all members as well as staff. Violation of the rules can result in warnings and even a ban, if the problem is ongoing.

    Be active. Activity is one of the most important things of any forum. Posting in topics, participating in the arena, and participating in chat are mandatory parts of this forum. If any member is inactive in the forum for a month, the member will lose all BP If the member is still inactive, after the second month of inactivity, the user's account will be deleted, unless good reason is given. However the locator card depletion is still valid.

    No spamming. If a member spams they will be giving a warning.

    Spamming includes:

    [Posting small comments that do not help in the discussion, like wow, or good topic.

    Posting irrelevant responses to a topic.

    Necroposting (attempting to revive a topic that has been dead for a month. Unless you have CRUCIAL information on a topic.)

    Posting any sexual, prejudice, or offensive content is illegal in thisforumy. (This includes avatars, signatures, and posts.) If you are caught posting this content you will receive a warning.

    Be respectful to all students and staff. Violation of this will result in a warning.

    Mini-Modding is frowned upon. If you make up your own rules or threaten a member with consequences you will receive a warning.

    Do not advertise. Advertising products on BSR is against the rules. The first offense is a warning while the second is auto-ban.

    Warning System

    1st Warning: We only issue one free warning. Nothing will happen at this point, but be warned.
    2nd Warning: We will take half of your BP.
    3rd Warning: You will be both banned for 2 days and will have your Rank changed to worthless and have all BP taking away
    4th Warning: You will be banned for 7 days; ability to participate in the next Tournament(s) taken away.
    5th Warning: IP BAN

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